Collab info

Collab Boxes

All collab boxes are run on a preorder. This means you purchase the nail polish during a set time period. When the sale ends all makers mix and ship the polish to the headquarters. This is usually about 1-2 weeks. Headquarters will then ship the polish to the customers. This could also take another 1-2 weeks. Pre-orders will take longer to get to you. 

You will not find any of these on our site, they are exclusive to the boxes and will not be made again. If we do end up with any overpours they are sold in the mystery packs.



Shop opens on the first Friday at 11am EST- Monday at 12pm EST of each month. You can also vote for the next theme in the Facebook fan group each month. Makers create polish based on the monthly theme. Headquarters is located in the US.



A game inspired polish collab. Shop opens the 15th at 1pm CST -20th at 1pm CST bi-monthly. Headquarters is located in the USA. Shipping for Canadians is estimated at $10us and $4us for the Americans.


Hella Handmade Creations

Shop opens on the 14th at 12:01am EST -21st at 11pm EST of each month with headquarters in Hawaii. HHC is a monthly indie product collaboration. Purchase exclusive custom made polish from different brands each month. In June Paint It Pretty will be starting a 6 month long sunset and sunrises theme.


Feel free to Contact us if you have any more questions. 💕