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Paint It Pretty

DIY multichrome polish making kit

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Have you dreamed of making your own polish? Look no further with this mini diy polish making kit and make the colour of your dreams!
KIT includes enough supplies to make five mini bottles (5ml each).

Multichrome lab includes:
5 glass 5ml bottles with mixing ball, cap and brush.
30            bbb   nnn  ml suspension base
Mixing cup
Stir stick
5 different multichrome pigments*
3 different shimmer pigments*
1 Holographic microflakes
1 Holographic pigment

Just pour some base into the mixing cup and add your ingredients! Remember a little bit goes a long way. Stir well and pour into the glass bottle.

*there is some variation in colour of pigments and shimmers. Not all kits will have the same colour multichromes or shimmers.