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Paint It Pretty

Magnets, Neodymium

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This listing is for one ring neodymium magnet. For use with Paint It Pretty Magnetic Polish.

A strong Neodymium magnet is recommended to get a good magnetic pull design.

Start with a thin coat of magnetic nail polish and wait for it to dry. This helps even out the colour before the magnet is applied.

Apply a thicker coat and immediately hold the magnet above the nail. Hold it as close to the nail as possible without touching the nail polish and for at least 30 seconds. Try to hold the magnet and your nail as still as possible.

Repeat for a third coat if opacity is not reached. Finish with a top coat. You can hold the magnet above the finger again as the top coat dries.

Continue this process on the other fingers It is recommended to do one finger at a time. If the polish begins to dry the magnetic effect will not be as obvious. The longer you hold the magnet the more effect you will see.

The magnets create patterns in the colour and different magnets will create different designs. Experiment with different angles to create unique designs on your nails. some magnetic nail polish also works well with one black coat as a base and one magnetic coat on top.